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Contrary to popular excuse there's never been a better time to get on the road, and the longer you leave it, the worse your prospects could become...


Many people who leave it longer before getting a license wish they'd done it sooner, the longer they left it the more intimidating the prospect became.


Insurance and running costs are a factor, but not a valid excuse. There has never been such a great choice of inexpensive used cars and even economical brand new car offers on the market.




Think about your FUTURE


Think about why people drive, it's not just for the fun of it! Getting a License literally means getting a life, making you more employable and bringing new places, new people and more opportunities to your doorstep.


Of course it is fun to drive to! With a license you can take yourself for a weekend away, drive to all kinds of distant sights, scenes and attractions, or even drive abroad!




Don't get TRAPPED!


Winter and poor weather can be misery without transport. You're more likely to stay in or put off going out to avoid walking or waiting for busses in the cold, wet outdoors.


Imagine the freedom of popping out in the car regardless of the weather. Getting out to the shops with all your bags, or to important appointments in any weather without spending on expensive Taxi fares can be a liberating experience!




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